RetailBox + connects existing ERP, CRM, POS-, and E-commerce systems

- Dozens of customers use our connections
- Low implementation costs ensure fast and high ROI
- Marketing automation based on actual customer data
- Involvement of sales channel
- Loyal customers

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Finally a system
to run real omnichannel marketing campaigns"

By connecting the applications, it is possible to send personalized
and relevant marketing message throughout the entire "customer journey"

Create your own ideal route

The RetailBox omnichannel is tailor-made
All sales channels benefit

We can instantly implement -off the shelf- connections

- API connections
- Custom made
- Only relevant data
- Low implementation costs
- Directly applicable

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NEW! - More local store traffic and conversion with
our special "local search" solution for Google Adwords

Unique solution. Click here for appointment

- Higher CTR
- Local entrepreneur benefits
- Addition to existing Adwords campaigns
- Saving budget by targeted approach - No waste

Why RetailBox+

The online world is changing at a rapid pace. The consumer is much more elusive with regular media. The customer journey is changing due to technological developments. The smartphone plays a substantial part in the marketing mix.

Reaching the consumer at the right time with the right message through the right channel remains a challenge and can only be used if all data within your business is optimized. To keep this data up to date, correct, clean AND directly available for personalized marketing, it is important that different applications are linked. Usually via API.

That’s the RetailBox +.

Retailers, Franchise organisations and othe reseller channels

  • Local search with centrally-built adwords campaigns
  • Direct link with central database
  • Marketing communication tool for local entrepreneur
  • Connected with POS register
  • Connection with E-commerce (customer is also connected to local store)
  • Loyalty Card
  • Social Syndication
Quick implementation = Direct result

Because we have a range of connections already developed, we can implement the RetailBox + relatively quickly. We connect existing systems (CMS, ERP, CRM, E-commerce, Cashier, etc.) and create a custom-made dashboard.

25 Retail Models

For manufacturers, it is not enough to focus on the end user alone with their sales and marketing. There is a need for shops (also online) to sell their products! Understanding the marketing process is a must.

Measurable results

The RetailBoxPlus is an online "dashboard" where the customer data is cleaned synchronized and made suitable for all forms of communication.

“Within a few clicks, we can have current information about buying behavior from our customers. Very important for our marketing with suppliers. “

Sanne Corradin
Sanne CorradinManager Online Marketing

“Finally, a system where we could anticipate direct to actual developments. Instead of a struggle to chart all the data and to do something about it. We are able to roll out full marketing automation campaigns with the RetailBoxPlus.”

Alex Gustavson
Alex GustavsonCommercial Director

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Several Customer Journeys

Store traffic - line

Local Leads is an ideal solution to deploy Google Local Search with your sales channel. The orientation for a product or service begins in the Netherlands in more than 90% of cases on Google. That’s the place to be good at least.

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Loyalty - line

Finding customers is obviously the first challenge, but binding customers is ultimately the most valuable challenge. With RetailBox + you can “trigger” your customers with the right message at various relevant points.

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Marketing automation - line

Marketing automation is a very important part of the current marketing approach. However, with many marketing automation solutions, the focus is very much on the online section. Still, in retail almost 93% of the transaction happens still offline in the local store.
We have the solution!

All connections available in one clear location. Directly applicable to all marketing

Custom made UI with a clear overview of relevant data

Historical data. Also compare to other channels to evaluate ROI

Organising Omnichannel

Many organizations have too many different systems that do sync well together. Crucial is that there is one point where all customer data are recorded. Omnichannel without a good (social) CRM solution does not exist. (Source: Beeckestijn Business School)
We have the solution!

Social Syndication

Forrester indicates that only 55-65% of your sales are actively involved in social media. Leave them to post the correct posts. Social Syndication gives you full control over your channel’s notification AND provides local-level leads.

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Retail solution

More insight into customer behavior. Larger engagement local sales point. Optimized use of e-commerce in harmony with resellers. More return from marketing through personal messages. Cross-over between offline and online. Growth of customers and growth of sales to existing customers. We can help you with our solutions.

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